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The importance of Architectural Style

I used to have this idea that style was not that important. That we have the ability as Architects to create within a lot of different styles and a huge range of design capabilities. But the more I progress through my career the more I realize that I might have been wrong. Your style is […]

Excitement and long projects

Do you ever just get bored after a while of working on a project for so long? You know, how do you keep the excitement level up? Yes. I do get bored. I get to the point where I’m just wanting to speed things up to finish but things take time. You probably have felt […]

Are you doing work you care about?

All right. So are you doing work that you care about. I mean, are you doing work that fulfills you. Things that lift you up? Are you focused on a cause that you can feel like you can stand behind? I haven’t found mine. At least. I don’t think I have I’m still kind of […]

Because you want to.

There’s nothing wrong with doing something just because you want to. Or wanting to try something new that might conflict with what you told yourself you were. We want new challenges. We get bored with the world we’re in if it’s stagnant. When we reach that feeling we need to shift to avoid burnout. To […]


Is your process written down and is it fluid? We should always be refining our process for creating and designing architecture. In order to create a process. One that allows you and your clients to have the most success with each and every project. You need to have it written down. What are the steps […]

Are your clients making a mistake?

Is it the right time for them to be renovating their house? Do they have other parts of their life together? I try to figure this out all the time. Is a renovation what they should be doing right now? Or is it something they’re using to distract them from bigger issues? This is hard […]

Having trouble coming up with ideas?

Having trouble coming up with designs? You have to start drawing. I know it feels strange to start drawing without knowing what you’re going to draw. You have to break the tension you have with the page. You look at the blank page and where do you start? I trace the existing plan. Drawing over […]

The Unknown

The unknown is the scariest part of architecture. Things will arise later and derail the momentum of the project if the question is not asked now. Assumptions you made will spring up and try to correct themselves. Those are the things that are scary to me. What questions did I forget to ask? What did […]

Think like an Architect

There are two kinds of Architecture schools. Practical based and theory based. When people ask me what architecture school was like, I usually say the school I went to was very theory based. Meaning all the day to day the business side of architecture the study of waterproofing details the codes etc. was not part […]