Having trouble coming up with ideas?

Having trouble coming up with designs?

You have to start drawing. I know it feels strange to start drawing without knowing what you’re going to draw. You have to break the tension you have with the page. You look at the blank page and where do you start?

I trace the existing plan. Drawing over lines on the page.

Tracing lets my mind start flowing. Just the act of starting. Starting to draw will open up my mind to let the ideas flow out. Sometimes the ideas have to be pulled out and other times they are coming out so fast it’s hard to keep up.

What you can’t do, is try to let the ideas fully evolve in your mind. You have to get them out on the page. If you try to perfect the idea in your head before drawing you have a ninety percent chance of having the idea fail.

Design ideas can’t be perfected in our heads. We have to get them onto the page. Getting ideas on the page allows you to alter the idea, refine it.

We get stuck in our heads. We start to think the same thing over and over and over. It’s a fear we have of forgetting. We don’t want to forget our idea, so we cling to it.

It’s hard to get it out like we see it in our heads. I know.

Ideas that might be in our head actually don’t work when we start to explore them in the real world. It’s important to get our ideas out and on paper. Then they can be refined.

Once they’re out of your mind you will be able to focus on creating new ideas. Or refining that one idea and making it better.

Sketch without thinking. Start drawing. The ideas will flow.

You’ll never be struck by inspiration to draw and work out a problem. You have to sit down and start doing it. That’s were the motivation comes from.