Is your process written down and is it fluid? We should always be refining our process for creating and designing architecture.

In order to create a process. One that allows you and your clients to have the most success with each and every project. You need to have it written down.

What are the steps you go through on a project? What’s the path you take? This might sound odd if you’ve never thought about your process. But it’s something every designer should go through.

Write down your processes.

Have you ever had complications come up? Of course you have. Do you keep track of those for future projects? You need to write down how you solved them and what you will do in the future to prevent them.

We forget a lot. Think about that new project you’re about to start. You have a ton of ideas going through your mind. You need to be certain you’re not forgetting something critical.

I use the Asana app but you could use any task tracker. The nice thing about it is it lets me put tasks in order and sections. Each one leads to the other. I can add descriptions even attach some files inside the tasks. It ties to software called Instagantt.

This allows me to map out my process on a schedule. It’s really invaluable. Think about all the steps you take to complete a project. Do you know how long they are going to take?

If you have all the steps planned on a calendar, you could have a better estimate of your time. Keeping track of your process ensures you don’t overlook some key element. Something that could derail your design and cause all kinds of crazy changes later.

Follow the process your process and create great work for your clients. Write it down.