Because you want to.

There’s nothing wrong with doing something just because you want to. Or wanting to try something new that might conflict with what you told yourself you were.

We want new challenges. We get bored with the world we’re in if it’s stagnant. When we reach that feeling we need to shift to avoid burnout.

To take a break from the work we’re doing. Focus on something else. Even a short distraction can be beneficial. But depending on your level of burnout you might need something much longer. Some shift in your environment to create that process of recovery.

The thing is, you might not realize you’re at a point of needing that shift. That break.

We get in a rhythm. If you’re trying to build your architecture firm you know it’s a lot of long hours and takes a lot of dedication. But at some point it hits you. You feel like you just can’t put much more in. You need to step away.

Something’s not working.

We all get this feeling and you need to listen to it. You need to find some separation. Take a breather. See if you can focus on something different. Spend some time outside. Take in some other activity.

This will allow your mind, which might be obsessing at this point, to take a breather. It will allow it to open up. Just stepping away can offer new insights into what is was you were struggling with.

Take a step back and you’ll find what it is you’re struggling to see.