The importance of Architectural Style

I used to have this idea that style was not that important. That we have the ability as Architects to create within a lot of different styles and a huge range of design capabilities. But the more I progress through my career the more I realize that I might have been wrong. Your style is possibly more important than I thought. And we need to produce great work for our clients from your inner creativity.

Can you get to that point of creating great work without Focus? Probably not you need to sit down and create and the more you create. The more you will create your own personal style. What it is that makes your designs unique. You know, what is it that makes them part of who you are providing value to the world. When you create your generating something from an idea, and eventually your Creations are going to evolve into your own unique style and your style will develop over time.

You have to create multiple, you know structures before you’ll be able to consider something to be your particular style. You get a create and create and create. The more you continue to create your style is going to develop and become your own. This is where I was lost for a lot of years. I still haven’t really fully developed a style. But I now recognize this as being something very important.

What do you want to explore further? Think about how you can contribute to that and your style will develop from that repeated exercise.