Are you doing work you care about?

All right. So are you doing work that you care about. I mean, are you doing work that fulfills you. Things that lift you up? Are you focused on a cause that you can feel like you can stand behind? I haven’t found mine. At least. I don’t think I have I’m still kind of searching for that thing that greater purpose the one that I can stand behind something that I really truly believe in. It’s kind of hard to admit that I haven’t found that purpose yet.

But I don’t want to mislead you and I’ve never been that involved in like movements. I kind of stay out of them. I don’t really know. But I haven’t found any one thing that I particularly identify with. Something that speaks to me and have you found your thing? Do you know what it is that you’re focused on?

Is it something you’ve created or something that you’re joining in on that someone else has created? I’d like to know what that is. What you’re putting your efforts towards as an architect what you’re putting your efforts behind as an architect. And what is it that you’re doing in for who? I’m just really curious.

Please. Let me know and I feel kind of. A little bit lost at the moment which direction I plan on going in and I have this desire to get behind some kind of movement. But at the same time I’m kind of lost I don’t really know what that could be. I don’t really want to volunteer for groups or organizations.

I’ve always dedicated my time to my home and my family and what we need. People out there that are making real change that are not only speaking about change, but they’re actually creating things with their actions. You know, that’s that’s what it takes to have a movement in the first place. Words placed into action.