Think like an Architect

There are two kinds of Architecture schools. Practical based and theory based.

When people ask me what architecture school was like, I usually say the school I went to was very theory based. Meaning all the day to day the business side of architecture the study of waterproofing details the codes etc. was not part of my education.

What we focused on was learning how to think like an Architect. How to be creative, I like to think. A lot of focus on meaning and purpose.

What was the drive behind your design? Why would you make a certain decision over another? We were learning how to relate all the decisions we make to a story. To tie our decisions to a meaning or purpose.

I loved Architecture school. Because of that I spent countless hours there. Explored wild concepts. Thought about deeper issues of humankind. Some woo woo stuff as well.

Kinda out there. It’s what I enjoyed.

Then after school I joined workforce. The practical hit me like a ton of bricks. Going from the theoretical, searching for meaning in everything, into a firm that spoke of their buildings as product.

Products? The term really turned me off. Our homes are not products. Our buildings are not products. They have deeper meaning, right. This was a shock to my grand Architectural dreams.

So I searched for something else. I still search for something that can provide me the connection with what it was I loved about Architecture. The connection our buildings have to people. The connection our buildings have to the world.

What they mean to people and how they might inspire them.

It might sound pretty dreamy to some of you, but that’s what I always wanted architecture to be. It’s what I search for and what I’m motivated to create.