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The Unknown

The unknown is the scariest part of architecture. Things will arise later and derail the momentum of the project if the question is not asked now. Assumptions you made will spring up and try to correct themselves. Those are the things that are scary to me. What questions did I forget to ask? What did […]

Think like an Architect

There are two kinds of Architecture schools. Practical based and theory based. When people ask me what architecture school was like, I usually say the school I went to was very theory based. Meaning all the day to day the business side of architecture the study of waterproofing details the codes etc. was not part […]

Architecture School

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about schools. How they’re overpriced. How they don’t prepare you. How you rack up debt for no reason. How you can do without college for some of today’s jobs. Architecture isn’t one of them. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Marc Sawyer (@wwsarchitecture) on Dec 22, […]

The key to becoming a professional

Responsibility. The key to becoming a professional. Being an Architect that your clients respect. The expert. The one people depend on. The key to all of that is to take responsibility for everything that happens during your projects. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Marc Sawyer (@wwsarchitecture) on Dec 15, 2019 at […]

I’m on a Quest

VR has not fully arrived. It’s available to the elite crowd. It’s clunky, difficult and expensive if you want to take advantage of the out of the box solutions. There are several companies that have jumped on the release of the quest. They’re taking full advantage. View this post on Instagram A post shared by […]


We’re working and designing for people. It’s not just us out there. The clients are people. The inhabitants are people. They have emotions and feelings, and we have to expect complications. People are hard to read. Difficult to understand and impossible to predict. You never know how someone might react to something. I was recently […]

Are you open to Criticism?

We don’t always take criticism well. I know I struggle with it. I get wrapped up in the connection with my self worth and the value of my work. It becomes a reflection of who I am. What I’m capable of. How I made the decisions I did? Why I took that direction over another. […]

Yes will cost you.

I don’t want this to come across the wrong way, but you have to start saying no. You have to say no to the wrong things. To things that go against your values. Things that disrupt your Architectural process. Things that conflict with who you are. To provide the best for those people you say […]

Starving Artist is mindset

Architects don’t have to be starving artist. Artist don’t even have to be staring artist. It’s upsetting when I hear about Architects working for pennies. The story of the starving artist is ingrained in some of us. We’re told, if you do what you love you will never make much money. It’s promoted by leaders […]