Starving Artist is mindset

Architects don’t have to be starving artist. Artist don’t even have to be staring artist. It’s upsetting when I hear about Architects working for pennies. The story of the starving artist is ingrained in some of us. We’re told, if you do what you love you will never make much money.

It’s promoted by leaders of the firms to keep the younger staff in line. Don’t expect too much.

If you go into medicine or law, you will make money. Architecture on the other hand is for the love of it. You have to do what you love. That will be enough.

Have you been told a similar thing? Don’t let that grab hold. Reject it. Don’t let that sink in. I’m telling you right now to reject the small thinking. Reject the negative thoughts surrounding the money side of architecture.

Instead, figure out how you’ll make money. How will you break the stereotype? How will you be different? A lot of things in life come from our perception and attitude. What is it you believe in?

I have this belief, we set our own path. We create what is in front of us. Part of it is direction and action and the other part chance. Positive outlook allows us the observe chance and recognize opportunities.

How can I change the amount of money I make by having a positive attitude?

It’s strange how the human mind works. I don’t have all the scientific terms or understanding behind it, but let’s get into it anyway. When we think positively. When we believe certain things to be true. Those things will present themselves as truths.

Our mind will make them become reality. If you search for the bad in things you will find it. Your mind will make the thing happen. The same is true for the other side of the spectrum. If you have a problem and you know there is a positive side your will find it. Because you are human and we are able to solve problems when we put our mind to an issue.

We resolve it. Tell yourself one thing over and over. Your mind will want to make that thing a reality. It will search for ways to make it true for you. I don’t necessarily believe it’s some woo woo stuff. What your brain is doing is more down to earth than that.

By thinking positively, you’ll be open to possible opportunities. Opportunities you might not have noticed otherwise. You’ll be searching for answers in daily occurrences. This is how we work. When you think on something, when you have determination, you can make it happen. It only takes one more element.


Time is the last ingredient. Life is not overnight. Work on a problem over the course of time and you will resolve it. This is what you have to do with your money. Don’t obsess over it but look at your problem objectively with a positive attitude.

You work hard. You create value in the world. That value will come back to you.