I’m on a Quest

VR has not fully arrived. It’s available to the elite crowd.

It’s clunky, difficult and expensive if you want to take advantage of the out of the box solutions. There are several companies that have jumped on the release of the quest. They’re taking full advantage.

Not only the system but the ability to capitalize from the system. The high fees of the out of the box solutions make it difficult for the single person office. The pricing tears are geared towards the larger firms.

Not only are they priced high but the image quality is surprisingly low. No real textures or shading. The next major leap will have to be realistic rendering.

Clients are still having a hard time visualizing the spaces because of the cartoon look. Creating something that looks real will be the future direction.

I’ve been exploring with stereoscopic images. These images when brought into VR are realistic three dimensional images. It’s possible in the future we will be exporting full models in 3d stereoscopic with amazing light quality and realistic materials.

I’ve been playing around with creating stereoscopic images and taking this into a vr system. For now it’s only still images. They can be linked as a virtual tour through some software, but it’s still cumbersome.

I’m ready for the day when computing software catches up to what is available from a headset perspective.