Video – Want to give Ikea kitchens a try Ep013

Have you been struggling with your kitchen budget and thinking IKEA might be the answer you need. You might be right. In this episode I discuss some of the issues and generally describe the Ikea quality.

How long does it take to install an IKEA kitchen? What is the Quality? Can you customize the cabinets?

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Camera – I am using the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. ( Amazon Link )

Color Grading & Editing – The Black Magic Camera shoots video in raw format so it needs to be color graded. This I am learning for sure. I use Speedgrade from Adobe. All my videos are edited in Adobe Premiere.

Memory Cards – The BMPCC requires very highspeed SD memory cards. Just be aware of that. I use 95mb/s Sandisk Extreme cards.

Light – Exterior LED Flood light with light box over it. It needs some work. This will be my next upgrade that will hopefully bring the quality of the video’s up. This is what I will be getting. I saw it in person and it is amazing. ( Amazon Link )

Tripod – I use something very basic. It is rather old and I film mostly inside so it can be kind of light. Here is a link to something similar. If you plan on filming outside don’t use this and get something more sturdy. ( Amazon Link )

Drawing Board – This is a portable drafting table I have had for over 15 years from Alvin. ( Amazon Link )

Pens – I love these pens. ( Amazon Link )