There are a lot of places that can symbolize home for us. We can have more than one place that’s considered home.

I have my home here in the city but I also have the home I grew up in. A house I still consider it to be home.

People say home is where the heart is and home is where you have your things. But what is it that creates a home?

It’s not a house alone that makes a home. A house somehow gets converted into your home.

Living in a space. Having experiences that shape who we are. Having deep seeded memories of a place. Things you can’t forget.

It’s more than a house. It can be a city or region. I often think of the area surrounding my home. The neighborhood. The context surrounding the house that is my home.

It’s a strange feeling when you sit and think about the concept of home. You have all these visuals pop into your head and most of my visuals are from my childhood home. It must be the home that resonates with me more than any other. The one I connect to most.

Take a moment and think about your home. Or homes. Which one stands out most to you? Do you identify with one more than the other? Are there memories you can’t forget?

As an Architect you’re creating a space for those memories. You’re creating a backdrop for other people to experience life. It’s an influential thing you’re doing.

Have you let that sink in? Have you taken the time to realize the impact you’re having? What you create could affect generations of families. Let that sink in if it hasn’t already.