My Mission


Show Notes:

My Mission

There are many architects that I’ve considered to be great designers and world changers. When it comes to creating space and our environment. Alvar Aalto, Tadao Ando, Santiago Calatrava, Zaha Hadid, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, IM Pei, Norman Foster, and Frank Lloyd Wright. They all have meaning and purpose behind their work.

None of them, not one of them, designs cool buildings. They take larger concepts or social issues and design environments. Architecture to express ideas or they speak to solve or bring attention to those ideas.

If we look at Wright. Even though most say he was designing for himself he emphasizes our connection to nature. He focus’s on family and creating a heart of the home. Something that enhances family and brings them together. His buildings connect us with nature and its patterns of life. They are extraordinary spaces that when in them you can’t help but feel inspired.

This is how we feel when we’re in great architecture. We feel inspired. I believe architecture should strive to bring that inspiration. It should inspire each individual that either lives, works, or plays inside or around it. Architecture can be inspiring. It can inspire on a more social level or in our homes. I want to strive to bring that inspiration with my architecture.

I will never be a Wright or Rohe. What I can do. Is, I can carry on the tradition of bringing great design into the world. Design with purpose and meaning to the lives of those that commission it into existence.

If you have a question for me I would love to hear it. You can email me at If you would like to connect with me on Twitter I’m @wwsarchitecture and the same on Instagram @wwsarchitecture