What are my options with cabinets


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First I wanted to discuss material and how they were constructed. There are 3 main choices

  • particle board with laminate
  • thermafoil also know as melamine
  • finish grade plywood with solid wood face and doors

They all have their place in the construction industry.

Particle board-Most affordable, Laminated, Small chips of wood glued together and formed into boards.

Thermafoil-plastic formed over medium-density fiberboard or mdf.
typically a high quality sheen. you can see these quite often at the hardware store they are typically white with a matte finish. A good durable budget selection, but the down side is they are susceptible to heat.

Plywood-Durable, Stainable, Heat resistant, More expensive

So what are the different ways that these can be constructed?

Face Frame Cabinets
Face frame or traditional cabinets are characterized by the frame, or face that masks the raw edges of each cabinet box. Hinges are sometimes visible from the outside. The doors and drawers can be flush fit (they are recessed into the frame of the cabinet), partially inset (doors and drawers are partially inset into the cabinet with a lip on the outer edge), or overlay (doors overlap the face frame.)

Frameless Cabinets
Frameless or European cabinets are a good solution when cabinet space is at a premium. These cabinets have a narrow veneer to cover the raw edges of the divider; this means that the opening is 1 ½-inches wider than a conventional cabinet. Doors and drawers mount directly to the inside of the cabinet and hinges are usually hidden when the doors are closed. Doors and drawers are no more than 1/4-inch apart, so very little of the frame shows.

Glass Doors
Opt for glass-doored cabinets to give a lighter and more open feel than cabinets with solid doors would.

Raised Panel Doors
Raised panel doors and drawers have decorative panel either routed into a door panel or inserted into the frame of a door.

Flat-Panel Doors
Flat-panel doors and drawers are characterized by a simple, unadorned slab.

Unique Materials
You can create cabinet door inserts using unique materials like louvered panels, hole caning, patterned tin, or wire grating.

There are 4 different pricing structures for cabinets. Custom cabinetry, Semi-custom, Stock, and Ready to assemble.

Custom cabinetry
plywood box and 3/4" hardwood face. Dovetailed drawers. Hardwood frame and panel on doors. under mount drawers slides and pin hinges with finish such as antiqued paint. they are typically 1200-1400 per linear foot.

Semi-custom cabinetry
plywood box and wood face. Dove tail drawers with plywood bottoms. Hardwood doors with adjustable cup hinges. stained with catalyzed clear top coat. 450-540 per linear foot.

Stock cabinetry
particleboard sides hardwood face. drawers are stapled particle board. doors are hardwood. euro cup hinges. stain with clear coat. 360-432 per linear foot. this is most often what you find at lowes or home depot kitchen centers.

and the last is the ready to assemble cabinetry.
the cabinets similar to ikea. they are typically frameless melamine. melamine front and bottom drawers. melamine doors and adjustable cup hinges with a plastic finish. These are your most affordable option at 70 per linear foot.

Shout out for this weeks show goes to Amika. Thanks for being such an awesome client and best of luck with your new baby.

Take action
Whatever your budget is there is an option for you. You will just have to weigh the pros and cons and make that selection. Some of the prefabricated cabinets now a days are pretty decent quality and can last a long time. If you more desire to have your cabinets stand the test of time then you will need to pay the price to get that level of quality. The numbers I gave in the episode are of course rough estimates and I am sure that you can find a supplier that can work with you on those prices but I did not want to leave you with out some range in mind.

So now that the options are out there hopefully that helps answer some of your questions you have about kitchen cabinets. If you have more just leave a comment for the show and I will see if I can get you an answer.

I wanted to end this episode with a quote from Frank Lloyd Wright:

“I have been black and blue in some spot, somewhere, almost all my life from too intimate contact with my own furniture.”

To me this quote resinates in probably a different way than what he was intending but to me it says. Choose what goes in your house wisely and not just for the look. really think about the use because you will be in close contact with that item every day.