Communicate to your clients effectively with 3d modeling


Show Notes:

Communicate to your clients effectively with 3d modeling

Sketchup Course for Architects

Earn trust and have less changes
by creating effective visuals your clients can understand.

Communicating your ideas is necessary.

Spending hours creating your solution is not the last step. If you can’t convince your client your solution is the right solution, it doesn’t matter how good it is. They are not going to buy into it.

– You had a great solution and your client rejected the idea.
– Your idea didn’t spark any excitement with your client.
– Your failure to sale your idea has lead to more questions about your abilities.

Would it surprise you to hear the solution to your problems is 3d modeling?

Crafting the idea is important and I know you know how to do that. But getting an idea into something your clients can visualize is hanging you up.

Creating compelling spaces people can immerse themselves in is an incredibly valuable skill. That’s why I have created the Sketchup for Architects Course.