Attitude is Everything

I wanted to talk about attitude and how important it is to your work as an architect.

As architects we’re often thought to be pompous ego driven personalities. Some of us have those characteristics but most of us don’t. What we do have is conviction.

We believe in the solution we’ve created. We’ve spent hours working through concepts to arrive at a solution.

Sometimes this conviction is misinterpreted as ego because we don’t add another key ingredient. A positive attitude.

To be a good architect you have to let the ego go. Don’t let the fact that you might not have thought of that approach keep you from considering it.

Your clients could be better served by removing the ego. Architecture would be better served by removing the ego.

The best way to do this is to have a positive attitude towards the work you do and your clients ideas.

Attitude is everything.

Listen to your client. Discover what they need. Interpret what it is they’re telling you. Looking at things in a positive light could shed new insight. The worst thing you could do for your clients is assume you alone have all the answers.

Don’t let your ego get in between you and your clients success.

It’s impossible to have an ego when you’re serving your client with a positive attitude.