Interior Dining Room Renovation

What’s more important than family? Nothing! That is why when asked this question I was eager to find a solution.

I was at a friends house having dinner. My wife and I spend a lot of time together with this family. Our daughters are the same age and we enjoy being with them.

We were at the dinner table. David asked, “How could we get more seating around this table and get some storage in here?”

David went on to say that they often have 6–8 people eating around the table. Both him and his wife have large families. Large families that live close by, so they are able to spend a lot of time together. It has been difficult to fit any good size group around the table the way it is currently designed.

They also have a large piece of furniture in the back to hold dishes and other flatware. The room is narrow and located just off the kitchen in their town-home.

Because of it being so narrow the best location for storage is in the back of the room along the far wall. I thought we could utilize the corners for vertical storage. By creating a bench between the two vertical cabinets we could pull the table further back. This allows us to maximize the seating.

The corner cabinets and bench would offer additional storage by utilizing a flip top.

The wide table was replaced with a long narrow table. This allowed for more people in the space. With a bench seat along one side and more traditional chairs on the other, we were able to turn an area that was seating 4 into an area that will hold 8.

We did this without encroaching into the kitchen space or impeding any circulation.